Job Title: Secretary
Term Commitment: One Year

Position Overview
This is an Officer position that is responsible to record the meeting minutes at both the monthly Chapter meetings and all Board meetings.

Essential Job Functions

  • Record minutes for all monthly Chapter meetings and scheduled Board meetings and send to Website Coordinator to post on the website for all members to view
  • Create and hand out RCH certificates at the monthly meetings or via email after the meeting
  • Run monthly Chapter meetings if the President and Vice President are unavailable
  • Keep a copy of the completed member sign in sheet for each meeting
  • Assist with securing monthly meeting speakers, topics and locations
  • Be active in Chapter member mentoring
  • Attend APA Leadership Webinar
  • Update attendance list from each meeting
  • Provide names for attendance drawings to Chapter Coordinator

Chapter Monthly Meeting Job Functions

  • Take notes
  • Prepare and distribute certificates at each meeting
  • Bring copies of prior meeting minutes for all attendees to be approved at next monthly meeting
  • Coordinate at least one meeting a year as the monthly chapter host


  • Attend monthly chapter meetings
  • Attend scheduled board meetings
  • Be a member of the local chapter in good standing
  • Be a member of the National APA in good standing

Other Skills/Abilities

  • FPC or CPP preferred
  • Must be proficient in Word and Excel

Time Commitment

  • RCH certificates – 30 minutes per meeting
  • Typing up meeting notes – 1 hour per meeting
  • Updating the attendance list – 15 minutes per meeting
  • Providing names for attendance drawing – 1 hour per year

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Officer may perform other related duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.