Job Title: President
Term Commitment: Two year

Position Overview
This is an Officer position that is responsible for all aspects of the chapter. Must ensure the Chapter is financially sound, protected from liability, and in compliance with any and all regulations. Is responsible for helping board members set and achieve goals for Chapter growth and advancement.

Essential Job Functions

  • Ensure meeting speakers are secured for all monthly chapter meetings with the assistance of the other board members
  • Create agendas for monthly Chapter meetings and Board meetings
  • Run periodic Board meetings
  • Conduct Annual Planning meeting in February
  • Approve all Chapter spending
  • Cosign all checks presented by the Treasurer
  • Oversee Treasurer, approve monthly financial statements and review monthly budget
  • Maintain view only access to online bank account
  • Obtain RCH credit approvals for monthly Chapter meetings and Statewide
  • Ensure Chapter is in compliance with Federal and State regulations as nonprofit organization
  • along with the Treasurer
  • Make sure the Chapter has liability and bonding insurance
  • Ensure Chapter is in compliance with all record retention regulations
  • Holds the second key to the Post Office Box
  • Ensure Chapter Bylaws are up-to-date
  • Complete the re-affiliation paperwork with National and maintain chapter status with National
  • Make sure Chapter is run according to all National APA guidelines
  • Work with and oversee all Chapter committees
  • Assist in the transfer of knowledge between officers as new members join officer team
  • Update Chapter Brochure and communicate new National members to Membership Director
  • Responsible for responding to the Chapter email account (
  • Chapter Monthly Meeting Job Functions
  • Create and bring agenda to monthly Chapter meetings
  • Run business portion of the monthly Chapter meeting
  • Approve monthly Chapter meeting notice prior to distribution
  • Coordinate at least one meeting a year as the monthly chapter host


  • Attend monthly Chapter meetings
  • Attend scheduled Board meetings
  • Be a member of the local Chapter in good standing
  • Be a member of the National APA in good standing
  • Must serve as Past President next year

Other Skills/Abilities

  • Must have leadership abilities
  • FPC or CPP preferred
  • Must have been Vice President the previous year

Time Commitment

  • 5 hours monthly outside of chapter meeting
  • Participation in the chapter meetings
  • Statewide planning every three years

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Officer may perform other related duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.